How to permanently keep your Home Tidy

“I just don’t know what else to do, it seems my apartment is jinxed with being untidy”

“No matter how many times I try to put things in place, they always fall apart within a week max, and that’s even the best case scenario”

“I’ll just give up and keep living here like this, untidy mess and all, keeping my room all neat and properly arranged is simply impossible”


At some point or the other, I’m sure you’ve said one of the above or something similar, except you’re someone with an OCD relating to cleanliness, or you’re just a particularly neat person. However, there’s nothing to get worried or be frustrated about, from time immemorial, keeping any residential apartment organized is always a herculean task. Add a couple of kids into the equation and it becomes nearly impossible to keep your place organized.

Despite how difficult it may seem, having a clean and organized living space is possible; in actual fact, it is even easier than you’ve ever thought if you know the right things to do. Below are a couple of tips that will help you to create the clean and organized home environment you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Minimalism: If you’ve been into lifestyle blogs and internet articles recently, you’ve most likely come across the minimalist movement. If you have not, the basic idea, just like the name implies, is to have as few possessions as possible. You may be wondering how this has anything to do with keeping your house tidy. Well, it’s basic logic, if you don’t have many possessions in the first place, there will be nothing to disorganize. When your possessions are just few, you can easily keep track of them and conveniently get things rearranged when they start falling apart.

To live a minimalist life, buy as few things as possible, you don’t have to purchase anything that you don’t necessarily need in the immediate. Also, don’t get too attached to items, as soon as anything (clothes, shoes, bags, and so on) gets old, either throw them away or give them back. Wardrobes or closets are one of the most difficult places to keep in proper shape. It’s therefore sensible to keep them as lean as possible.

  • Keep Rearranging: The reason why many tidying up plans fail is because we expect our stuff to stay arrange once we put them together. But this is wrong, life tends towards disorganization, no matter how well you arrange your stuff, they will always get back in disarray. Therefore, the only logical solution is to accept this fact, and just rearrange as soon as you notice your apartment looking untidy.
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